#EndSARS: Nigerian Youths commence second wave protest

Lekki toll gate Lagos Nigeria: All you need to know about Lekki toll plaza shootings and End SARS protests

Nigerian Youths once again have come out to push the #EndSARS protest online seeking justice for their fellow peaceful protesters who were killed in Lekki, Lagos last year.

The EndSARS protest has been on the top trend on twitter, some remembering their loved one who lost their soul during the protest while other asking the Federal Government to do the needful about the Lekki toll shootings in Lagos.

Some #EndSARS protesters have come out to say that the judicial panel that meant to track those SARS member who allegedly brutalised and killed Nigerian youths are not up to the task.

Youths are out again to protest against police brutality, extortion, killings and other related crime in the nation.


“Nigerian Media Ignored the shootings at Lekki Toll Gate during #EndSARS, but they are first to announce what’s happening in America. Thank God for Social media sha😒😒”

“There’s a world of difference between peaceful #EndSARS protesters demanding for respect for their life to right in the manner set out in the constitution, and post-election violence (mob attack) trying to prevent a peaceful transfer of power after an election. Let’s be clear!”

“We will never forget how Rite foods and AriseTV supported the #EndSARS movement.”

“The same Nigerian channels that refused to air #EndSARS killings are all about White house and Trump now, Awon Oju Aye oshi!!!”

“I cant emphasize how everyone shouted and criticize Nigeria stations to televise the #EndSARS period.

Still no Tangible Moves.

But they can televise what happening in Trump’s America.

Says a lot about the country we live in😔

“We were literally begging TV stations in Nigeria to televise #ENDSARS protest but they didn’t, now they’re showing the deaths of Americans in their protest and all, still wondering who we offended in this country. If you have the means to leave this country, just leave!”

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