Denilson Igwe Reveals Why He Left Mark Angel Comedy

Popular Nigeria comedy channel “Mark Angel Comedy” has lost one of their actor “Denilson Igwe” as he left “Mark Angel Comedy” for his own comedy.

Denilson Igwe didn’t leave at peace as he claimed that Mark Angel was the one taking control of all the money they earn from “Mark Angel Comedy”.

He also revealed that Mark Angel wasn’t paying popular actor “Emmanuella” very well, he claimed that Emmanuella only received Fifty thousand naira every month.

Denilson also said that he told him about the money and how it should be, but he went ahead to bring in “Success” as a substitute to “Emmanuella” because Denilson was the one that brought her into the comedy.

As it is right now Denilson has created his own comedy to start and manage on his own.


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