Deborah Tushima rumour to dies of poison after gifted iPhone 11 on her birthday, here is all you need to know about her death (Video)

A Nigerian young lady identified as Deborah Tushima has reportedly slumped and died at her own birthday party after gifted iPhone 11, here is all you need to know about her death

The Global News Nigeria reports that the incident took place in Benue State’s capital, Markurdi yesterday, July 4, 2020. Deborah Tushima was dancing with close friends at her birthday party and suddenly slumped.

According to the information gathered by reliable source who happen to be one of her family member reveals that Deborah’s death is cause by heart problem, there are rumours that Deborah Tushima was poisoned by a jealous friend after she received an iPhone 11 as a birthday gift.

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The report started circulating on social media and has been confirmed by several social media users who claimed to know the deceased well.

We learnt Deborah Tushima was in her 20s and worked as a makeup artist in Benue State before her death.

The cause of Deborah’s death has been revealed and the information reaching Global News Nigeria is that the young girl develop heart problem which makes her to be fainting several time but her parents wasn’t aware of this issue that claimed her life.

Deborah Tushima was doing her IT in Makurdi before this terrible incident occurred and I learnt that the deceased was battling with heart problem which makes her to be fainting in fact this making it fourth time she was fainting that she couldn’t make it…



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