BREAKING: Liverpool Named Premier League Champions

Liverpool supporters have been made to wait to see Jurgen Klopp’s side clinch the Premier League title. Before the coronavirus pandemic brought a halt to the season on March 13, the Reds were on the verge of winning their first title since 1990. Jurgen Klopp has the taste of Premier League title as they finally declared as EPL champions for 2019/2020 season due to coronavirus, EPL next season to restart on June 12 over coronavirus pandemic.

There is an alternate reality, where it is the first day of May, and Liverpool is preparing to travel to The Emirates to take on Arsenal. The chance of invincibility has gone, but the 100-point record is in their sight, and the opportunity to become the most dominant top-flight English champions of all time.

That isn’t happening, and there is no need to spell out why. That Liverpool is not planning to face the Gunners this weekend is the absolute correct decision; football simply cannot be played at this moment in time. In truth, the June 8 return date which seems to be openly discussed feels too soon; it is a logistical nightmare and potentially socially irresponsible, although the well-being of football clubs, and the people employed within it at every level, should be considered in this difficult time for all. It is not too dramatic to say football needs to return at some point, or some communities will not have a football team to return to.

Liverpool Lift The Champions..

When placing the situation into those terms, arguments over whether Liverpool should be crowned Premier League champions feels trite. But it is also important to a lot of people – and not just those who follow Jurgen Klopp’s men. It has become the hot topic of debate, even though Liverpool has been champions-elect for months, and it is actually the Premier League relegation (and subsequently, Championship promotion) picture which requires addressing more urgently. Yet Liverpool is the biggest story – understandable after waiting 30 years for a title – and all talk of what happens to this league season centers around that. This article will do likewise, although it is housed on a site called, so I’m not sure what can be otherwise expected.

The debate revolves around three categories: finish 2019/20 when safe to do so, cancel the season and determine final placings (and crown champions) on sporting integrity, or void the season.


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