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BBNaija Season 6 Housemates, Maria, Angel, Liquorose Fight Dirty (Video)



BBNaija Season 6 Housemates, Maria, Angel, Liquorose Fight Dirty (Video)

The ongoing Big Brother Naija Season 6 heated up after housemates, Maria, Angel, Nini and Liquorose fight dirty on uncontrollable argument on Tuesday night.


The first fight in the ongoing BBNaija 2021 season 6 Shine Ya Eye resulted from a serious argument after Biggie gave first task to the Housemates to develop a musical theatrical drama in celebration of Nigeria which they will present on Friday night.

“Your presentation is expected to cut across different tribes, showcasing Nigeria’s cultural diversity in all its richness and grandeur,” Biggie told the Housemates in a letter read to them by HoH, Peace.

During the deliberation on what to present, housemates got pissed off and dragged Maria for talking too much.

It was learnt that Maria kept trying to force her opinion on housemates as she keep interjecting when people are talking.



BBNaija fans reacted to the video, shared their opinion on the micro-blogging platform, Twitter.

@MelodyNobuhle wrote,”who sent me to support Maria and Whitemoney. How can both my faves be so talkative.”

@Jayeomohle19 wrote, “Arin is too sensitive to be around Maria.”

@Maseka_selepe wrote, “I am glad Maria is visible and vocal.”

@Jenie_Frio wrote, “My parrot fav Maria, talk more jare, we’re listening.”

@BbNaija_gossip wrote, “The moment Arin almost change it black blue for Maria. Maria will just be interrupting someone.”

@Adukejetson wrote, “I like the fact that Arin and Angel can see through the mask of Maria’s sweet and nice person. You can’t honestly be instigating fights and then proceed to gaslight by saying it’s not that deep.”

@Ruccified wrote, “Maria Instigator extraordinary but guess what? It’s all fun and part of the game. Everyone should just guard their emotions not to be misled by it all.”

@_calebhumphey wrote, “The way all housemates will pick Maria and Whitemoney as wildcards on Sunday. It would be funny and would shock them. More of it turns out they are not actually.”


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