BBNaija 2020: Fans react bitterly to Laycon genotype SC revelation

BBNaija 2020: Fans react bitterly to Laycon genotype SC revelation

Big Brother Naija housemate Laycon face humiliation about his recently revelation of having the Sickle Cell genotype.

During the housemates’ Tuesday night chat post Biggie’s announcement confirming Laycon as the week’s head of house, the fan-favourite housemate opened up about his rare sickle cell genotype. He revealed that his SC genotype explains his physical appearance even though he isn’t prone to crisis.

Laycon’s revelation has since prompted Twitter reactions with fans of the reality star calling out Erica over her disparaging comments from weeks back. Recall the embattled actress threw a drunken tantrum which later led to her disqualification from the show.

While Laycon never confirmed telling Erica of his genotype, the singer’s fans are speculating that he may have told her in confidence which prompted some of the insults targeted at his weight and health.

Reaction from fans gathered by the Global News Nigeria

“So Laycon is SC and man never for once said it to get pity from viewers. He prized his worth over his condition. A king!! A fukin King!!”

“Erica knew Laycon is SC but she still went on to say those things about him, called him drumstick, said he’s going to die alone. She’s a very bad and ugly person with pretty face. I regret ever supporting her”

“Laycon said it was only Vee he told…and he is not sick…his SC is dormant…not an Erica fan but make una take am easy…everybody would be fine eventually.”

“Erica body shaming Laycon when she knows Laycon is SC is the same y’all do with body shaming – Short people – Fat people who have no control over their weight – Women’s boobs But today, let’s agend that we are so hurt for Laycon when you hypocrites do the same thing everyday!”

“Finding out Laycon is SC and he has never used it to seek pity votes sends chills down my spine. He’s constantly putting in hard work Told Erica about his medical condition and despite using it against him, he still regard her as a friend I’m so emotional rn. God bless Laycon.”

“Erica knew Laycon is SC, shaded him with his drugs and also said he would die before 50 (before SC are mostly like to die before then). My dislike for that babe has increased”

“Laycon looks like a lizard” “He looks like a drumstick” “He is ugly and disgusting” Laycon got all these insults despite knowing Laycon is SC and Laycon still didn’t hold a grudge. Laycon should be the SI unit of endurance.”

“I’m a mess rn now sef The whole finding out that Laycon is SC and the thinking about the abuses he had to face here and in the house because of his body size had already gotten me in my feelings. My boy is a fighter! Now, those people did a rubbish photoshop Yo!”

“Wow, Laycon is SC genotype? Now that bodyshaming scene has start to hurt all over”

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