Amazing if you find this STAG BEETLE, you can become a millionaire

There are a lot of animals in the world of which insects constitute a large percentage. While you may actually be wondering if you read the headline correctly and hope that it’s not just a click bait, hold on and pay close attention.

We know that things are not going on so well in the country at the moment especially with the lockdown and all. A lot of people have discovered and invented several means both legal and illegal to make money just to make hands meet. Well, you need not worry if you peradventure find the stag beetle in your room, garden or just on the road side you can become a millionaire overnight.
Would you ever imagine paying about 34million naira ($89,000 ) for a small creepy insect? No, right? Well, all things considered, that is the cost of the stag beetle, a somewhat remarkable and exceptionally uncommon bug. This little bug is the most uncommon and weird species on the planet. In contrast to different creepy crawlies, the stag insect has red blood mandibles and projecting horns holding tight the rear of the head.

Let us educate ourselves briefly about the stag beetle:

The stag bug belongs to a group of Lucanidae, comprising of 1200 classes of creepy crawlies. In a similar time, the bug is perhaps the longest bug, going somewhere in the range of 2 and 3 creeps long.


The stag bug has sparkling abdomen and chest, while his wing case is chestnut earthy colored. There is additionally a contrast among male and female species. Male insects have gigantic fishers. Some would state they are curiously large mandibles, which are utilized for romance presentation and for grappling with other male creepy bugs.

Throughout the mid year, male insects fly at nightfall searching for a mate. They develop somewhere in the range of 35mm and 75mm long. On the opposite side, female insects develop somewhere in the range of 30 and 50mm long, and they have littler mandibles. Female creepy beetles remain on the ground, searching for spot to lay their eggs.

Another contrast among male and female stag bugs is the mouth. Females have littler mouthparts, however they are more grounded than guys.


Stag beetles have mandibles, however they don’t utilize them for gnawing. Rather, guys use them for threatening and grappling with other male opponents. You would be shocked, however the nibble of the littler jawed female is in reality increasingly agonizing.


Stag creepy crawly hatchlings feed on spoiling wood. They abandon an unmistakable system of passages and chambers. Grown-ups live for only a couple of months. They feed on organic product juice, tree sap, and water, which they drink utilizing their orange and hairy tongue.

Grown-up stag creepy crawlies can’t benefit from strong wood. They depend on their fat stores worked during the hatchlings time frame.


Stag bugs burn through a large portion of their live underground. Why? Since a large portion of their life cycle is being a hatchling. They can spend anyplace somewhere in the range of three and seven years, creating from a hatchlings to a grown-up stag creepy crawly. The time relies upon the climate.

Chilly climate isn’t appropriate for stag beetles, as it can broaden the hatchlings procedure. When they develop, they leave the decaying wood and assemble an enormous cover in the spirit. There, they transform into a grown-up, and spend the winter in the dirt. Grown-up bugs rise up out of mid-May onwards. Before the finish of August, they bite the dust.

During their grown-up life, guys go through the days sunning themselves, while around evening time, they fly and search for a mate. This is the time you can undoubtedly spot stag creepy crawlies. Females tunnel their eggs into the dirt in July.


We referenced that they can nibble, yet they are not perilous. Nor, they are toxic. Their immense jaws may look terrifying, however they infrequently chomp. In any case, we suggest abstaining from contacting stag bugs. Get them just on the off chance that they are at risk for being crushed.


One reason why stag creepy crawlies are so costly, despite the fact that you can’t get them, is their irregularity. They are classed as a secured animal varieties. Loss of forest living space, and expelling decaying wood from the nursery implies less and less regular natural surroundings for them.


The main reason why they are expensive is because they are actually going into extinction. So, when they are found the right authorities are willing to pay you just to keep this endangered species safe.

So, please be on the lookout you may just be lucky to find this beetle in your environment. Then you can actually be sure of becoming a millionaire because this bug costs more than 34 million naira. Just imagine that you find about five of them, that will be breathtaking!


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