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Am alive not dead, Tik Tok slay queen, Olivia reveals her identify (video)



Tension In Benin City As Black Axe Members Hacked TikTok Slay Queen To Death

Tik Tok slay queen has been identified as Olivia after revealing her identify and she is alive but not killed by suspected Aye cult members (black Axe) in a trending video where she was assaulted and dehumanized by some aye cult members.

The incident that led to their act was that the lady did a video on Tik Tok exposing the cult slangs and codes which was an anomaly in the rules governing the confraternity.

The lady was tortured and stripped naked in the viral video. She was seen pleading for forgiveness saying she learnt all she did in the Tik Tok video from one of her ex-boyfriend who was a member of Black Axe (Aye) confraternity.

One noticeable point from the video were the voices of the cult members. One was heard pleading that her torture was enough for her, another was heard saying let them kill her that time is running out.

Many who watched the trending video were of the opinion that the Tik Tok lady was eventually killed though not seen in the trending video.

This gave birth to the news of the alleged death of the Tik Tok Lady. For days many have been living with the unconfirmed news of her death.

The video below says everything.

The Edo state commissioner of police, Philip Ogabadu has however debunked the rumour making waves on social media on the killing of Tik Tok girl by some black axe (aye) cultist.

It’s alleged that the girl was killed. The girl was not killed. She is alive’, Philip Ogbadu said.

The latest on this trending story is that three of the black axe cult members who took part in dehumanizing the Tik Tok girl have been arrested and paraded by the Edo state police command. They are soon to be charged to court.

More findings have now revealed her real name to be Olivia.


Watch the video below


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