All you needs to know about TikTok Silhouette Challenge (Video)

All you needs to know about TikTok Silhouette Challenge

Every TikTok users have been asking the question how to do, how to the Silhouette Challenge on TikTok but here all you need to know about the trending Silhouette Challenge

Every day, it seems like these TikTok challenges get more and more … challenging, but thanks to this user-friendly tutorial, the viral Silhouette Challenge is a little less difficult. While the challenge quickly gained traffic in the anime community in the summer of 2020, the trend has now officially gone viral. But TikTokers are dying to know how to try the Silhouette Challenge themselves.

how can i do the Silhouette Challenge?

Not all heroes wear capes, and if you too are struggling to execute the Silhouette Challenge with finesse, this TikToker has come to save us all. While some TikTokers have incorporated multicolored lights and studio effects to their Silhouette Challenges, one user let us in on a much simpler way to create your video. In a quick tutorial, TikTok user @nurseswilling explained that there is a filter called “vin rouge,” which ultimately makes this challenge much easier to complete than it looks.

All you needs to know about TikTok Silhouette Challenge

After applying the filter, prop your phone up so that the camera is facing the closest doorway. Once your camera is in position, turn off all of the lights in the room except for the light source you choose to use outside of the doorway. This lighting trick creates a silhouette effect on the subject in all of their glory. While there are other editing tips and tricks that TikTok users have used to create this effect, more than 600,000 post views confirm that this technique is most effective.

When it comes to the audio for this challenge, TikTok users are using a mash-up of Canadian American singer Paul Anka’s song, “Put Your Head On My Shoulder,” which is later slowed down and transitioned into Doja Cat’s “Streets.” While some managed to nail this challenge without this tutorial, a number of users on Twitter thanked the TikTok samaritan for her good work.

One user wrote, “By far the most important tutorial I’ve come across in my entire life. Ladies, the Lord is your strength,” while others were still looking for instructions on how to add music –– and as a newbie TikToker, I can totally relate. Since the trend has gone viral, even some celebrities have joined in, making the challenge even more popular.

Chloe Bailey nearly broke the internet with her rendition of the Silhouette Challenge.

Earlier on Jan. 27, Chloe Bailey from the girl group Chloe x Halle nearly broke the internet when she posted her rendition of the viral Silhouette Challenge, garnering more than 1 million views. Recently, Chloe made a personal account separate from the one she had with her sister, Halle, and also garnering thousands of views on her “Buss It” Challenge video. And social media has been in shambles ever since.

A fan wrote on Twitter, “Chloe couldn’t wait to have her own account so she could break the internet over and over.” The songstress is signed to Beyonce’s label, Parkwood Entertainment, alongside her sister, and the duo have become masters in the art of going viral over the last few weeks.

Here are some video on Twitter in the #SilhoutteChallenge

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