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All you need to know about World Bank Assembly G.O, Pastor Moses Adeeyo



All you need to know about World Bank Assembly G.O, Pastor Moses Adeeyo

The General Overseer of World Bank Assembly, Pastor Moses Adeeyo, reportedly married Bright Ben’s wife, Mrs. Tina Bright Everest, with her kids.

Bright who shared on his Facebook page that him and his wife married 12 years ago, Mrs. Tina Bright Everest, were members of the Adeeyo’s church.

He said trouble started when his wife was given an appointment in the church.

Read his narration below.

ADULTERY… As shameful as it sounds, it is a true life story. MY PASTOR MARRIED MY WIFE. I’ve been married to Mrs Tina Bright for over 12years with 2kids,a girl and a boy. I married her traditionally and white wedding and took her to introduce to my Pastor Moses Adeeyo. The General Overseer of World Bank Assembly in Eneka , obio/akpor LGA Rivers State. We started attending the church and became full financial members.

My wife was given an immediate appointment 7months ago, she moved out of the house with our 2kids before I got back from work. I searched everywhere and called everyone even the G.O. unknown to me that he was the architect of my problems. After sometime he stopped picking my calls and blocked my phone line. I’ve been looking for her until I saw this pictures yesterday online.

He claimed that the Holy Spirit told him that she is his wife. Is the Holy Spirit and author of confusion.? My wife of 12yrs is now his. Pls Couples be careful in world Bank Assembly be careful of Pst MOSES ADEEYO.

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