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All you need to know about Shedi bala bala challenge twitter trend



All you need to know about #shedibalabalachallenge twitter trend

#shedibalabalachallenge is basically for ladies displaying their beautiful body on a short videos as they spotted dancing on the song of their choice, shaking their heavy asset and backyard on social media. Shedi bala bala is a Yoruba slang means sharking your backyard or twerking and the challenge is made o open for ladies not guys or men.

Twitter is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to challenges and we are here for it.

Here is all you need to know about twitter trend shedibalabala challenge

Social media users are currently having a field day on Twitter and other social media platforms with the #shedibalabala challenge which sees users posting clips of themselves dancing to the song “Sheydi Bala Bala” by DJ Shamokay.

“The #shedibalabala challenge is all about bum-bum shaking,” a Twitter user told the Global News Nigeria

Who is DJ Shamokay?

DJ Shamokay is a Nigerian fast-rising DJ and music artist known for his trending song “Sheydi Bala Bala”. DJ Shamokay is also the artiste behind the song “Hennessy Meji” which featured Mohbad, Stamford, Makanaki.


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