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AKSU Female Student In The Viral Video Apologise And Pleads For Forgiveness (Video)



AKSU Female Student In The Viral Video Apologise And Pleads For Forgiveness (Video)

The female student of Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU) in the viral video four days ago has apologised to her family, friends, the institution and to the general public.

The Global News Nigeria reports that the AKSU girl student in the viral video make a hort video to apologised and plead for forgiveness over the trending video that spotted her making love with her male friend.

According to her, that the video happened long time ago and doesn’t understand how her past get to be hurting her now as she pleaded for forgiveness and begged everybody to save her life that she passing through a difficult time as a result of her leaked video on social media.

“Good day everybody, I’m making this video to apologise to my friends, my family especially Akwa-Ibom state university my school. I’m a very sorry for the trending video about me the n*de that is everywhere on social media. I’m very sorry, this video happened a long time ago, a very long time ago and I could not believe that it would come out now to hurt me and rest I am so so sorry please forgive me for everything. This video is far from me, this is far from me currently am begging you all please, please forgive me and save my life help me because am passing through a lot because of all this mentally and otherwise please thank you very much please,” she said.



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