A Maphite Group Declares Gun battle against Aiye members in University of Benin (Video)

A Maphite Group Declares Gun battle against Aiye members in University of Benin.

A shirtless man, said to be a member of Maphite group, had dropped a video in which he promised to kill all Aiye members in University of Benin Edo state.

In response to this, a man was seen in a new video oiling and showing off his locally made guns and rounds of magazines.

The unidentified man also said all hell will be let loose at the campus.

The cult he belongs to is yet to be known but a green beret was placed beside the weapons which he said had just arrived days ago.

A concern Nigerian, Jackson Ude has taken to the social media to alert citizens and the Nigeria Police of the impending danger and activities of the alleged cultists in the state.

Watch the video below:


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“I am Going To Pursue Every Single Aye Cult Member Away From Benin City Edo State” – Notorious Maphite Cult Member Vows As He Shows Off His Brand New Pump Action!!! (Check Next Post to See The Response video from Ayes Confraternity) . Important Notice: The Speech and Actions In this video are clearly credited to the people or persons in it, They do not Represent our own Views. Gossip Mill Nigeria is a News Media Outlet and we are strongly against any form of violence, As A matter of Fact we are calling on The Nigerian Authorities and Police personnels to double their efforts and make thorough investigations into this matter, to prevent unnecessary lost of lives and properties.

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