A 35-Year-old Married Woman Give Testimony When God Finally Delivered Her From Bedwetting

A 35-Year-old Married Woman Give Testimony When God Finally Delivered her from bedwetting.

A 35-year-old married woman give testimony in church when God finally delivered her from bedwetting.

According to her that she came from the family where bedwetting is normal and she grew up bedwetting until the when her husband threaten to chase her out from his house due to his condition.

She has destroyed so many mattress in their house due to bedwetting.

“Praise the Lord

I come from a family where bedwetting is a normal thing as we grow…for generations now. Since when I was ten, I’ve been praying about it; I wake up early in the morning finding myself messed up, I can’t help but cry and pray. Those of my relatives who have stopped don’t encourage me, rather they riddicle me. I decided to settle for God, hoping to get his intervention, and God did. Today, I’m happy to tell the world that I’m (and my generations unborn) totally free from the bondage of bedwetting.


Now she is free and free in deed as God delivered her from the spirit of bedwetting.


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