A 22-year-old lady shares touching story on Facebook before her death (Photos)

It is quite sad and disheartening as a beautiful young lady known as Chinenye George Sandra, 22 years old died months after a post which at the time, was seen as a joke by her Facebook friends. Who knew it wasn’t just a joke? Her post goes thus.

If I Die In This Lockdown, No Need For Autopsy, No Need For Autopsy. na Yam And Red Oil And Garri With Salt Kill MešŸ˜­”.

The young lady was from Umuahia North Local Government Area, Abia state. Before her death, she was known to be vibrant and full of life, living quite Well and okay to onlookers and friends who didn’t know what was actually going on with her.

It is obvious that people are passing through a lot. Please let’s all learn to be civilized in our manners and what we say to others. Avoid being rude and using derogatory words. You can never tell what a soothing and kind word can do to change one’s life and that includes even in social media. Try not to be an online bully because what you take as a joke or just fun may be killing another.

May her soul rest in peace, Amen


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