10 Traits Nigerian Sugar Mummies Love Dying For In Younger Men

Sugar-mammy (plural sugar mamas) is an older woman who spends money on a younger person, usually in exchange for companionship or satisfaction of pleasure.

Speaking with an older woman and winning her love involves lots of confidence and tactics, and complete straightforwardness, these women are not fools and can detect a scammer hundred of meters away. So to get one, you must have to be up to it.

Nowadays sugar mummy are abound everywhere, but only few young champs who can see in between lines can identify them. A sugar mummy must not be necessarily wealthy, or endowed with large booty. They are just as normal human being like you and I looking for companionship and /or s**ual comfort.

Sugar mummy maybe in our place of work, church, household, neighborhood or a widow. Most of the times, the sugarmummies are the ones that contact the male sugar babies themselves. There are tons of websites that you can sign up on to get a Sugar Mummy for yourself. Real sugar mummies are difficult to get because they all want to play safe and prospective sugar boys need to possess certain traits to identify and capture a real sugar mamas.

Below are some traits;

Be Caring Romantic and Adventurous

Do not immediately try to get into her pants as she may not want to quickly get to that level with you. Whenever you are alone with her, always be romantic and caring. When you are not with her, do make sure that she is aware, either through WhatsApp, Instagram or chatting app, that you want to know how she is, how her days have been, is it hectic, how can you be of help?

If she already has a family, try to fit into her family and NEVER, i mean NEVER think or tell her you can replace her husband. Make her feel comfortable whenever she is with you and show concerns in the things that concerns her.

Once you’ve done these, she will fall deeply in Love with you, and can start surprising you with expensive gifts, cars, trips and vacation outside the country, and it became easier to get her to send you more money.

Some sugar mummies have gone ahead to buy their lovers cars and houses within a short period of meeting and falling in love with them

Take Her on a Date

After a while try to take her on a date, this may be a lunch outing. Rich Sugar mommas are already having all the money to spend on their guy, but if you’re lucky to get one who is willing to be with you, then you don’t necessarily have to let her spend when you go on dates.

When you take a sugar mama on a lunch date, endeavor to treat her with respect and let her see how highly placed she is in your life. Treat her like a queen, and not a mother. Sometimes pay for few less expensive things like drinks, snacks, Cinema tickets, just make sure you’re not paying for things that are out of your budget.

Courage and Confident

This is one of the biggest and strongest attribute you need, to have a chance to get her attention and make her interested in you. You have to have lot of gosh to ask her of her phone no matter what status she at. Moreover they say no risk no rewards.

Young champs interested in sugar mamas must be confident and bold enough to connect and ask for their number .for example you identify her in office, party, wedding reception etc. just ask her of her phone gently and don’t talk too much. When she obliged, ask her the best time to call her and do exactly so.

Use Sweet Word

I have come to discover, that more than 99% of sugar mama’s like sweet words. Most sugar mommies want to feel young, beautiful and elegant. Don’t forget to always use these words when describing her.

Say wonderful things to her when she is with you, tell her she can pass for a 20 years old girl. She is younger and looks more beautiful than girls of today.

Whenever you’re with her, tell her you don’t see the age difference between the two of you anymore and the baby in her will come out.

In no time she will begin to kiss and want you all to herself, be sure not to let your other relationships interfere with her. You should know this; and that is, even if she is 60 years old, as a woman, she can be jealous of any outside relationship you’re keeping.

Keep Your Body in jShape

You will have to look good, with a nicely teamed body, this can be achieved through using the Gym most times, not necessarily have to be muscular, but you need to be on a good diet, and look as good as you would feel so you can be attractive to her.

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