10 reasons why good guys always end up in a wrong relationships

A nice guy is an informal term for an adult man who presents himself with qualities like gentle, compassionate, empathetic and vulnerable. The term is used both positively and negatively.

In short, nice people are always doing a favor for others at the expense of their own well-being and comfort. In this post we will examine the stereotypes about nice people and how to prevent them.

Good guys tend to talk a lot about their good deeds. In return, they expect to attract the ladies with their overly nice words and treatment. Her social media accounts are full of feeds about how a woman should be glorified / treated because she believes she gets more likes from women.

You have many relationship burnouts and failures. What nice guys don’t know is that women have strong intuition, especially when there’s something wrong with a guy. A woman of high worth will not doubt her instinct and will leave without thinking of coming back.

Let me tell you a little story about me. I met this great looking man on campus. He started a conversation with me and everything went smoothly. He contacted me and for a few days we started texting.

Just as any woman in the early stages of acquaintance would probably ask, “Why did you have my number?” I asked, and his answer was “I’m just a nice guy trying to know you more”. Huh, unfortunately that was the last time we spoke and I didn’t reply to any of his messages.

Just because he was a nice guy. For me, I’ve seen a lot of nice people who have stories about their relationship all the time. I was hot from another nice guy too, but I always think forward and not backwards.

But when I reassess the conversation, I understand how little I know about his relationships. If he had taken a more direct approach like “I really thought you were cute and I would like to hang out with you”, things would have taken a different turn. Rather, he tried to be a nice guy without realizing it and talking around the bush.

It is obvious that he has already seen through me, but I wanted to be sure of his position.

You see, gentlemen, that was a difficult question. Indirectly, this question can be translated as how do you think about me? What did you like about me that made you ask my number?

But then he was too stupid to find out. That is why I decided to write this post to help you, so that you do not make mistakes, like sticking to your previous act.

When that is said, it does not mean that nice people suck completely in life or are bad people. They only have unrealistic ideas about how relationships work. Nice boys believe that they have to be the most beautiful thing the lady knows so that they can have the girl of their dreams.

Therefore, they flood women with gifts and expect them to have a relationship with them because they feel entitled to do so. They focus on beating women rather than creating attraction in the relationship.

My 10 reasons why good guys always end up in a wrong relationships are:

1. unilateral investment

2. Nice people are always available

3. High expectations

4. Forbearance

5. Always apologize

6. Self-neglect

7. Generate skepticism

8. Weak ties

9. No phobia

10. Keep walking around circles

Let’s examine the 10 reasons why good guys don’t get serious relationships and how you can fix yourself before entering another lady

1. Unilateral investments

Nice people are the only ones who invest in their relationships. This is because they put too much time and effort into the relationship while their partners do nothing.

This one-sidedness does not help the relationship. A relationship has to be 50:50, nothing more, nothing less, to create trust.

At a certain point, nice people notice that something is wrong with the relationship, but do nothing to avoid bothering their partners.

You shouldn’t be the only one trying to get the relationship going. Your partner has to invest in the relationship, otherwise he is not particularly interested in the relationship.

2. Nice people are always available

Being available in a relationship feels like a nice touch, doesn’t it? Wellbeing that is available does not help the relationship. Nice boys leave their personal lives, hobbies and passion behind just to make themselves available to their partners.

They respond super quickly when she writes, always have an open schedule and are always ready to run errands for her. It’s very okay to have your own plans and stick to them. It shows that something is going on in your life and your partner doesn’t feel that she is the only thing that is happening in your life.

At some point the relationship becomes boring, it pushes your personal limits and loses respect for your personal time.

Have your own life, be passionate about something, and focus on building your career and self-esteem.

3. High expectations

Nice boys usually have too high and unrealistic expectations of their relationships. They expect their friends or lovers to work the way they would. They treat their relationship as they imagined a relationship, rather than what it actually is.

At the end of the day, they are disappointed and exhausted because of their high, overly high expectations.

Reduce your expectations of your relationships so that you don’t get disappointed if things don’t go that way and you have more time to focus on yourself.

4. Forbearance

Forbearance is an important attribute of a healthy relationship. But nice people tend to forgive immediately, even though they suffer inside. Whenever your partner cheats on them, they immediately embrace them with open arms, regardless of whether they are injured or not.

Nice boys have no limits in their lives because they are overly forgiving. This is why their partners continue to make commitments without following them because they believe that they can get away with anything without consequences.

It’s okay to be angry with someone when they hurt you, and it’s perfectly fine to hold someone accountable for their mistakes. You don’t have to forgive anyone immediately, take your time and make them understand the seriousness of their actions.

Set clear boundaries in your relationships and don’t be afraid to react when they cross the line.

5. Always apologize

Nice boys are constantly apologizing in their relationships whether they should be accused or not. They pretend everything is their fault, even if it isn’t.

Constantly apologizing is unattractive behavior and makes your excuses meaningless because you say it all the time to avoid an inconvenient conversation.

If she apologizes equally all the time, she sees you as less confident in things that you do or say that negate the attraction.

Instead of apologizing, work to feel more confident in your actions, especially if you are not held responsible for the circumstances.

6. Self-neglect

Nice boys invest too much in a relationship that they don’t prioritize themselves. They tend to ignore their looks and sometimes their hygiene, with the excuse that they are trying to get the relationship going.

They spend money getting expensive gifts for girls and paying their rent so they have little or no money at their disposal.

Don’t forget it was just you and no one else before you started a relationship. Never ignore this fact, because the moment you do this, you no longer prioritize yourself.

7. Generate skepticism

Being overly friendly doesn’t make people trust you. Sometimes people are skeptical of you or tend not to believe that your kindness is real because they think you are up to something.

Nice boys are experts in creating skepticism in their relationships because they are overly nice.

Nice guys think that they are entitled to a woman’s love or phone number because of a nice gesture to her

Always share your true feelings, no matter how your partner feels, and don’t expect anything in return if you take a woman on a date or buy her a gift. Remember that you were the one who invited her out of personal will. But that doesn’t make them emotionally committed to you.

8. Weak ties

Nice people have trouble making deep connections in their relationships. Because of their overly nice behavior, they do not communicate with their partners how they really feel.

You should always reveal your true feelings in a relationship because it brings you both closer.

It’s okay to disagree with your partner because you both can find a real compromise.

9. “NO” phobia

Nice boys are afraid to say no to their partners in a relationship. Even if they disagree, they still say yes to everything because they fear that their partner will take their love and attention away from them.

They always feel that they have been exploited, but do nothing about it because they fear being left behind.

Saying no in your relationship can be very healthy, especially if it causes you inconvenience.

It makes your partner respect you more, appreciate your time and set clear boundaries of what and what you don’t want to tolerate.

10. Nice boys run around circles

To put it simply: Nice people kept talking around the bush. They have no clear goals in a relationship and are afraid to speak because they are afraid of rejection.

This is an important aspect that some people have had in a relationship. He was undecided and never clear about his goals

This is the main reason why nice men are constantly in friendship zones and rarely make up for a healthy relationship with women.

To avoid being transferred to a friendship zone, you need to make your intentions clear at the start of the relationship. If she says she wants to be “just friends”, tell her that you already have enough friends in your life and are not looking for them anymore. It is perfectly fine to communicate your mind.


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